A very warm welcome to our dwelling place Wolfen!

The residential complex „Am alten Schulhof” is located in the historical city center of Wolfen. Modern and barrier-free apartments were built from the monuments of old schools in Wolfen. They are surrounded by a park like garden area. Due to the central location in the historical city center, our residents are not only able to lead an independent life but to also actively participate in the daily life of the city. Thus the residents enjoy individual stimulations, physical activity and social contacts, without having to walk long distances.

Utility- and service companies are also located in the neighborhood, as well as public transport connections. The lovingly fashioned garden provides the opportunity for walks, discovery tours and long talks. Colorful flower beds, wind chimes and berry bushes offer a wide variety outdoors.

Residences for adults with mental disabilities

Adults with mental disabilities will be happy to see the requirements are met that are needed to lead an independent life as far as possible as we have small autonomous operating living units. The living areas as well as all other rooms are tailored to the special requirements of our residents. A spacious and appealing cafeteria is connected with a versatile common room, both provide the opportunity to spend some wonderful hours there and engage in conversations with other residents. Residents are able to enjoy their meals together in modern and at the same time cozy kitchens located in each living area. We continuously try to adapt the wide range of meals we offer, to the individual wishes of our residents.

Our support

At the center of our efforts stands our highest goal to help our residents with the self-determined organization of their life in order for them to have as much independence in their daily lives as possible. This includes individualized and need orientated care services and focusing consistently on the wishes and needs of our residents.

Our residents use opportunities to organize their lives on a daily basis, including activities such as cleaning, washing, the preparation of meals as independent as their disability allows.  A lot of things will be done together or alternate. The areas of support create room for offers including manual and computer-aided activities as well as creative, artistic and sports activities.

Support and Regulation

The therapy concept also offers ergo therapy. A nicely decorated relaxation room (Snoezelenraum) completes the offer. Other activities, such as regular visits to the nearby open air pool “”Woliday”, co-operation with an outdoor work group or performances with the “proci house band”, make it possible to meet new people outside of the dwelling. Our dwelling offers numerous leisure activities according to your wishes and interests, for example the opportunity to take part in a holiday journey, accompanied by our skilled staff. Our residents are able to gain precious cross-generational experiences in this experience orientated environment and thus get to experience beautiful moments.

We are in close contact to medical specialists and family doctors as well as therapists and provide contact data.

If you are interested we would be glad invite you to visit us personally in order for you to get an idea of our houses on site.

Our services for your well-being

  • Living spaces specifically for wheelchair users
  • Ergo therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, crafts room
  • Pet therapy with dogs
  • Relaxation room (Snoezel-Raum) and music- and colored light bathtub
  • Cafeteria and a party room
  • Terrace and a garden area
  • Support and care during holiday journeys
  • Leisure-time groups and a wide range of leisure activities (we have our own car)
  • Support and care even after retirement
  • Support and care of profoundly and multiply disabled residents