A very warm welcome to our Senior Center Schwanebeck!

On the one hand the senior center is completely at ground level and is located in a calm and idyllic environment; on the other hand it also has excellent connections to public transport services and can easily be reached by relatives and visitors. The house accommodates a total of 50 residents allocated to single- and double rooms, including many rooms which are suitable for wheelchairs.

Thanks to a very green outside area and a spacious garden area the senior center almost looks like a small holiday resort with a peaceful appeal. Our spacious rooms are all equipped with terraces, so that the sun can be enjoyed during all seasons. The living areas as well as the common rooms provide a calm environment with their light subtle color scheme. All residents are of course allowed to bring their own furniture along in order to create a familiar and homelike atmosphere.

To encourage independence – To gain a better quality of life

Numerous separate seating options located in the inside- and outside area provide small oasis of peace for both residents and visitors. Besides the common rooms, which have been decorated with nostalgic memories and aromatic flowers, a cozy inglenook provides the right atmosphere for convivial gatherings.

Our big birdcage are very popular and encourage residents and visitors to linger and to enjoy the moment. Our residents keep experiencing unforgettable moments here. Besides the Birdcage, a raised-bed and a small vegetable garden are also located in the garden, they make an active engagement from the seniors possible.

Loving care with heart and mind

An important aspect of our nursing philosophy is to encourage the independence of our residents in consideration of their individual needs and to lay the foundation for a self-determined life.

Our skilled nursing staff is always happy to assist and help during everyday life as well as with the diversified daily activities and festivals, which take place in our house. There is no doubt that the quality of life and the well-being of our residents is the heart of our work. The life together and with each other is of primary importance. Group activities such as handicraft work and housekeeping bring the residents on a regular basis together.

In addition, having a meal together in the lovingly decorated dining room provides structure and social competence to the daily life in the senior center. A diverse and healthy cuisine doesn’t just put a smile on the faces of our residents when dessert is being served.

An important aspect in our senior center can be found in the co-operation between relatives and caregivers. This makes, especially during the acclimatization phase, a better orientation and a common ground to adapt to individual customs and needs possible. We work in accordance to the patient-centered nursing philosophy.

The patient-centered nursing guarantees individual care as one medical professional and one nurse are responsible for a small group of residents. We try to activate or rather mobilize the residents through daily offers of occupational therapy in the pedagogical care area.

These include a washing-getting dressed training; the primary goal is the integration of the residents in to the house community, this encourages a feeling of togetherness and prevents isolation.

Consultation hours with a general practitioner as well as with dentists regularly take place in the senior center. The medical staff is responsible for errands and for purchasing and administering the appropriate medication. In general the medical care is carried out according to the general practitioner concept.

If you are interested we would be glad invite you to visit us personally in order for you to get an idea of our houses on site. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Our services for your well being

  • Seasonal festivities, visits from folk festivals and harvest festivals
  • Evangelic and Catholic Church services
  • Hair dresser and foot care
  • Physiotherapy and ergo therapy
  • Birdcage
  • Visits from primary school students
  • Diversified activities and events