A warm welcome to our senior center Plessa!

Since the opening in 2012 the nursing home Plessa, which is located in the south of Brandenburg in the county Elbe-Elster, offers its residents lovingly care and a new home. With a total of 51 single rooms, along with their own bathroom, the nursing home enables its residents to have an individual life where the residents are in the foreground. The spacious rooms offer a view into the wonderful designed courtyard or outwards into the green.

Living in a calm and contemplative environment

The special charm of the house, which is situated at ground level, is already reflected in the location which is surrounded by parks. The modern building has a wonderful color design and an exclusive interior. Light shafts and large windows manage to plunge the premises in a pleasant bright light.

Especially the Mediterranean and sheltered courtyard serves as a meeting point for residents in the warm months of the year. The residents are able to enjoy the gardening and if interested can also actively participate. Magnificent flowers and green plants as well as easily accessible high beds for wheelchair users and a small softly rippling water fountain provide a unique atmosphere. The courtyard does not only invite you to stay but can also be explored and experienced thanks to a special arrangement and planting.

Lovingly care and support

Plessa offers, as a completely stationary nursing home, holistic care and support with daily structural measures which encourages a higher life quality. The focus lies in the social support and care of the residents which is enabled through various offers and measures. Regular events with music and an entertainment program are taking place as well as trips to regional excursion destinations or special events. Individual- and group offers go hand in hand.

With the arrangement of comprehensive biographical work we aim to always offer personal and close care for our residents. According to their own wishes and to their physical condition we enable our residents to take part in various activities in order to have a self-determined and diversified day. The fairly small number of residents ensures a familial and friendly atmosphere which is rounded off by courteous staff.

A house full of communication and comfort

The inclusion of residents in the preparation of food as well as including them in domestic tasks, lead to true life and well-known occupations which are gladly accepted. In addition a preventive fall program and senior-gymnastics, in cooperation with AOK, strengthen the individual and provide a sense of safety.

The design of the house was built specifically according to the needs of a person suffering from dementia; it enables residents to have a pleasant and safe life in our houses. A walk through the house allows you to experience different colors belonging to separated residential areas. Small cozy seats are available as meeting points for conversations or as retreats.

The generously designed reception lobby also serves as a communicative meeting point for residents and visitors and will tempt you to linger for a while. Meals are consumed together in residential groups in tenant group rooms with integrated modern kitchens.

If you are interested we will gladly invite you to visit us personally in order for you to get an idea of our houses on site.

Our offer for your well-being:

  • Exclusively single rooms with a bathroom
  • Design of the house was built specifically according to the needs of a person suffering from dementia
  •  At ground level and barrier-free
  • Sheltered Mediterranean courtyard
  • Hair dresser and foot care
  • Ergotherapy and physiotherapy
  • Qualified nursing staff- high proportion of registered nurses