Bewohner mit Pflegerin

pro civitate – people are at the center of our action

We place great value in the fact that our residents of our nursing homes receive all the medical care they require as well as the embedment in their social surroundings. This is characterized by mutual respect, friendliness and trust.

Our residents can find a new home at pro civitate, where they are also looked after on a humane level. Nothing is as important as the feeling of being in good hands and to be understood with your needs. The daily exchange with staff and residents is as much part of the life in one of our nursing homes as the personal support. The relation to other residents is as valuable as the personal interaction with our staff. At the center of our actions is the person.

Our care is orientated on the concept of the holistic care theory and is executed in the organizational form of resident orientated care. The holistic resident orientated care and support is planned in accordance to wishes and needs and saved by the documentation system.

The cornerstones of our actions include

  • Respect and acceptance
  • Individuality
  • Openness, trust and empathy
  • Care and friendliness
  • More than twenty years of experience
  • A mixture between experience and young staff
  • Nursing science expertise