Full-stationary nursing homes

Our full-stationary nursing homes

We do not only offer sustainable quality of life but in addition we ensure your personal well-being. We provide an environment in which people and their needs are at the focus of our efforts (with heart and mind.) Individual aspects such as a pleasant living environment, regular contact to family and friends and other residents, individual mobility as well as medical and social care are being considered in our supply concept in our nursing homes.

This is the reason why we feel obligated in our objectives to the principle of people having the right of self-determination. Our assistances are therefore aimed at giving you the opportunity to have a self-determined life within your capability. We place particular value in your active participation in care measures with the aim to reduce the extent of care needed or to contain further development. Opposed to supply care, rehabilitation and the maintenance of competences are the focus of our attention.

One of the tasks of stimulating nursing is the implementation of preventive and supportive measures as well as the support of autonomy and mobility training. We encourage our residents to arrange their daily routines as independent as possible in different areas of everyday processes. In addition to the usual activities we also offer occupational therapies in communities.

Human needs come first

We work according to the principle of primary nursing in residential groups so that returning structures give security and guarantee well-being. This offers our residents a manageable environment, in which an optimum of stimulation, the support of situation awareness through information brokerage, the strengthening of cognitive competences and the encouragement of motivation are made possible. Human needs come first- according to them, our care is organized.

Our facilities offer the complete spectrum of basic care, individual treatment and domestic care. A homely atmosphere with your well-being guaranteed, goes hand in hand with our claim to offer a secure and protected living environment. We also encourage the individual designing of our houses by our residents, which do not only lead to personal charm in common rooms and corridors but which also lead to a higher self-esteem and the elderly appreciating their own work.

Our individual nursing homes are modern furnished houses in which it is possible to lead a self-determined life, regardless of the need for care. The majority of our rooms are single rooms which you can gladly complete with your own furniture and which you can arrange according to your own wishes. Enjoy security and safety as well as extensive privacy.

Particularity Dementia

We see a particular responsibility in the therapeutically care for residents suffering from dementia. There is a variety of concepts applied in our nursing homes including basal stimulation, reality-oriented training or integrative validation.

In doing so it is constantly our aim to restore the self-esteem of our residents, to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, to strengthen the physical well-being as well as their mobility and to hinder the retreat into the inner isolation.

Moving into a nursing home

Moving somewhere else is also, to a certain extent, connected with changes. We will always be at your side with every upcoming task or question. Our extensive consulting and social care already start before the admission of a resident. We provide psychosocial assistance in the first weeks for every new resident. In this regard the system of primary nursing makes an important contribution. The resident will have a reference nurse at his/her side. This nurse will be the main contact person for all issues concerning the organization and the implementation of support and care measures and is supposed to guide the resident through the new situation safely. Our nursing homes are supposed to become a new home.