Mission statement
Eine alte und eine junge Hand berühren sich

Care under the banner of humanity

Our target is clearly expressed by the pioneering name Pro Civitate. The principle of our nursing activities is that we want to enable those who are in need of care to live a self-determined life and preserve their dignity and comfortableness. To make that possible we always orientate ourselves towards the individual experience of life, needs and habits of the residents. We regard nursing and care as a support to preserve the greatest possible independence. In order to ensure a high quality of life we offer our residents diverse possibilities to participate in social life.

For us the dignity of the human being is at the center of our actions regarding all caring and nursing activities. We recognize and respect the individual needs and habits of the people we take care of. A further central part of the nursing concept of Pro Civitate is the preservation of independence. In this sense nursing is always meant as help for self-help. Pro Civitate supports an integral nursing system which combines medical, nursing and social care.

As much independence as possible, as much help as needed

We regard ourselves to be more than only obliged to guarantee a high care and nursing quality and to develop it further. A qualified and engaged staff, high quality standards, as well as modern structural and technical equipment in all locations support our business objectives. A respectful, friendly and courteous manner to all residents as well as their families, and also among each other, is very important to us. The human being always comes first. In addition we are also in a constant professional exchange with all other occupational groups and institutions that are involved in the nursing activities in order to guarantee the welfare of our residents.

As a future-oriented company we invest constantly in our staff as well as in our locations. Structural measures, modernizing the locations, as well as education and further vocational training are the basis of an always modern alignment and high quality. That’s how we guarantee a nursing standard that is constantly on the highest level. Investments that secure our future are setting up new locations and establishing new forms of living and new nursing concepts. We also take the subject of sustainable development very seriously and it influences various parts of our company. We go our way into a successful future together with our employees and our residents.